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For any sized business, bizhub is a powerful idea –– a fast, cost-efficient digital document system that's both versatile and upgradeable.

The bizhub 180 combines high-speed copying and built-in GDI printing in a state-of-the-art multifunctional product that copies, prints and scans to bring information into your system faster. It also gives you options that grow with your business -- including PCL printing, Network scanning, and Super G3 fax that let you manage all your documents from a central resource.

With bizhub 180, you'll have all the power you need to handle mounting document traffic in the digital era. And you'll have superior image quality too -- so all your communications can look more professional and accomplish your objectives more effectively.
  • bizhub design lets you handle your workflow more efficiently, with built-in TWAIN scanning and all-in-one upgradeable performance to meet growing document needs at a cost you can afford.
  • Built-in GDI printing at up to 18 ppm, with high-quality 600 x 600 dpi print/copy resolution and reliability you can count on to handle busy document traffic.
  • Simple PC connectivity with USB1.1 or IEEE 1284, and network connectivity through 10/100BaseT interface give you PC print control right out of the box.
  • Optional PCL printing and optional Super G3 fax gives you additional document power when you need it without adding extra output devices.
  • Superior image quality in text and photo mode reproduces more fine details and smooth, striking halftones.
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