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Your old copier is history. Your new solution is bizhub -- the affordable, expandable central document resource from Konica Minolta.

The bizhub 160 is designed to help small businesses, branch offices and departmental workgroups increase productivity and reduce costs. It's a state-of-the-art multifunctional product that combines fast, high-resolution output with built-in GDI printing and cost-effective options to keep pace with growing document needs. Your bizhub 160 can save you time and money -- and help you work smarter by raising productivity and accelerating the flow of information. If your business is growing, your small office is busier than ever or your old analog copier can't keep up with today's digital workflow, you need the power of bizhub.
  • bizhub design puts you at the hub of your information flow, so you can scan, print and distribute documents more easily from a central resource.
  • Built-in GDI printing with fast laser output at up to 16 ppm (300 x 300 dpi) or 12 ppm (600 x 600 dpi).
  • Simple connectivity for PC print control right out of the box, with USB1.1 or IEEE 1284 Parallel interface.
  • Color TWAIN scanning lets you scan and digitize color originals as easily as B&W.
  • Superior image quality in text and photo mode reproduces more fine details and smooth, striking halftones.
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